Schedule 2020

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 p.m. (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Type: Duration Country
Stromboli (2020) Hanspeter Aliesch Feature 1:41:54 Switzerland
London Lockdown (2020) Valentina Signorelli Short Film 0:26:36 Italy
Innocent desires (2020) Ioana Dumitrache Short Film 0:28:03 United Kingdom
Mind Exchange Music Presents: Layne Marie Williams The Adventures of Ms Glitch Live Film Score (2020) Donny Walker Short Film 0:18:26 United States
Big Bad Wolf (2020) Donald Walker Short Film 0:04:03 United States
Strut-1980s (2020) Tim Cash Music Video 0:05:57 Canada
Life After Death (2020) Andrew Anderson Short Film 0:11:59 United Kingdom
Pure Love (2019) Andrew Anderson Music Video 0:04:52 United Kingdom
Break of Day (2019) Maria Forslin, Adrienne West Feature 1:17:32 Sweden
I’ve Been Thinking (2019) Zoe Beck Music Video 0:04:16
7/9 (2020) Alexey Tabakin Short Film 0:39:41 Alexey Tabakin
To Walk Amongst You (2020) Darren Brade Short Film 0:19:45 United Kingdom
The Artist Formerly Known as Lucifer (2020) Tom Carroll Armstrong, Jeffrey Frost Best Pilot Series 0:33:59 United Kingdom
The Interview from Hell (2020) Frank A DeChirico Short Film 0:07:20 United States
Scream (2020) Christina Adoniou Music Video 0:04:27 Greece
The Gliwensbourg Chronicles (2020) EMILIE TOMMASI Best Pilot Series 0:43:23 France
Gastropod (2020) Allison Bergman Short Film 0:18:01 USA
The Red Scroll (2019) Nelson Botter Jr Feature 1:32:50 Brazil
Out with the Old (2020) George Summers Short Film 0:07:25 United Kingdom
Munich 1936 (2014) Fränzi Heinrich Short Film 0:11:24 Germany
Insomnia (2020) Pavel Chukhov Short Film 0:00:45 Russian Federation
RADIO SILENCE (2019) Troy Scoughton, Sr. Feature 1:32:43 United States
Catonsville: Music City Maryland (2019) JD Barth Feature 2:29:38 United States
The End of All Things (2019) Andrew Gale Feature 1:38:03 United Kingdom


Wednesday December 2, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 p.m. (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Type: Duration Country
Convergence (2019) Steve Johnson Feature 1:37:41 United Kingdom
Mysteria and the Village Spell (2020) João Morais Inácio Feature 1:20:21 Portugal
Meet Her (2018) Raphaël Kirgo Feature 1:20:23 France
Night of the Massacre (2018) Charles Khuele Feature 0:49:00 South Africa
Lost In Berlin (2020) Rodney S. Martel Feature 1:43:04 United States
Under The same Sky – Cambodia (2019) Ian wiggins Feature 1:15:00 Cambodia
Tour of Togo (2020) Philippe Opigez Feature 1:00:58 Germany
Paradise Hotel (2019) Daniel Rehder Normand Feature 1:32:42 Peru


Thursday, December 3, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 p.m. (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Type: Duration Country
Instant Badass, Bangkok street fight (2020) Andy Funnell Feature 0:58:41 Thailand
Ballad of pipe and necklace (2019) Martin Babić Short Film 0:12:22 Croatia
No Sleeping (2017) Emmanuel Levy Short Film 0:05:51 Poland
Almost Charming (2019) Taylor Carnes Short Film 0:07:28 United States
In Search of the Dead (2019) Laura Rowton, Erik Rowton Feature 2:06:56 Romania, United Kingdom
Fate’s Shadow (2020) Michelle Arthur Short Film 0:10:45 United States
Sibling Rivalry (2019) Don Colacino Short Film 0:10:20 United States
My Momentum (2019) Jakob Harms Short Film 0:01:09 Germany
Introducing Librophileas (2019) Ivica Valentić Short Film 0:17:22 Croatia
Hurricane (2020) Nick Fitzhugh, Idil Ibrahim Short Film 0:25:41 United States
Raízes – A Piano in the Amazon (2018) Carla ruaro, João Santos Short Film 0:29 Brazil
BORROWING (2020) Joe Stramowski Short Film 0:19:56 United States
The Credits Movie (2019) Jeffrey Ashkin Short Film 0:05:37 United States
CRIMSON WASTELAND (2019) JASPER TURPIE Short Film 0:04:19 Australia
The World’s best Film (2020) Joshua Belinfante Feature 1:28:58 Australia
Payal Chawla, The Mind That Matters (2017) Ajay Chitnis Short Film 0:23:44 India
BODY PLACE IMAGE (2020) Gigisha Abashidze Short Film 0:32:11 United States
Praise the Maker (2020) Ashante P.T. Stokes Short Film 0:11:44 United States
UNCAGED (2020) Dylan Skinner, Harrison Bahrenburg Short Film 0:49:00 United States
Deny (2019) Alioune Binaté Short Film 0:45:54 United Kingdom
When The Water Rises (2019) Deniz Bagriacik Short Film 0:41:43 Turkey
A Bloody Mess (2019) Asis Sethi Short Film 0:10:37 Canada
A Queer City (2019) George Hellings Short Film 0:08:30 United Kingdom
Where is Fleuri Rose? (2012) Mark Warhol Short Film 0:23:00 United States


Friday, December 4, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Duration Country Gender:
A Dirty Weekend (2019) Mark Kenny, Dan Gregson 1:08:45 United Kingdom Comedy, British, Farce, Indie, Independent, Slapstick, Regional, Northern, Strong female
WAKE (2020) Katie Beard, Naomi Turner 0:08:04 United Kingdom Fiction
Fragile Beauty Alan Kaplan 0:18:36 United States Documentary
Late Again Ana (2019) Anastasia Kochetkova 0:25:46 United States Comedy, Drama
Sayeeda Khanum–The Pioneer Female Photographer of Bangladesh (2019) Ismat Jahan 0:38:16 Bangladesh Documentary
Legend Of Ancient Borneo (2019) Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou 0:08:43 Malaysia Animation, Tribal Fantasy Adventure
In Bright Axiom (2020) Spencer McCall 1:29:21 United States Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Social Interest
Wuthering Heights (2020) Bryan Ferriter 2:32:09 United States Fiction
The Minds of Men (2018) Aaron & Melissa Dykes 3:42:34 United States Documentary, Science
Story of Mika the Ant (2019) Sanja Savic 0:46:26 Serbia Animation


Saturday December 5, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Guilty Bunch of Flowers (2018) Wayne Kelly , Matt Holt United Kingdom 0:09:00 Fiction
A Century of Dreams (2019) Ven Jemersic Slovenia 1:27:21 Documentary
Vegetable skin. An interview (2019) Giovanni Soletta Italy 0:52:22 Documentary, Experimental
Skye Steele – Rise of Nefertiti (2020) Howard Perry United Kingdom 0:26:00 Drama, Period, Fantasy, thriller, Detective, Egyptology, 1930s, 1930, Mystery
Nectarín – song by Saturno TV (2019) Julio Hormaeche 0:06:42 Music Video
FOLLOW THE ARROW (2011) MARC SAEZ France 0:12:08 Romance, erotic, sci-fi, Thriller, art, drama, fantastic
Sex, Drugs & Bicycles (2019) Jonathan BLank United States 1:25:38 Documentary
Nice Shoes (2000) Jonathan Lawrence United States 0:04:02 Music Video
PrayEr (2017) Joeann Calabrese Japan 0:05:14 World music
Human Beings Are Amazing (2019) Clemens Grün Germany 0:05:51 Music Video, Student, Short
LITTLE LAMB (2019) Daniele Gangemi Italy 0:03:21 Music Video
Colombia (2019) Simon Straetker Germany 0:01:48 Short Film
Beyond Memory (2019) Miguel Babo Portugal 1:49:56 Fiction
Misfit M. (2019) Austin Ball, Sarah Hempinstall Canada 0:14:33 Experimental, Drama
RED ANT (2019) Satyabhusan bariha India 0:04:29 Experimental, Drama
Lost Love (2019) Filiz Rezvan United States 0:06:51 Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Dark
KISS ME MALIBU (2018) Mikel Arraiz Spain 0:04:20 Comedy, Love, Horror, Musical
Dont play with little hearts (2019) Jean-Gabriel Perromat France 0:02:51 Music Video
“Shine” 2019) Vasco Mendes Ireland 0:03:52 Music Video
Lucky day (2020) Skjmmjngtonrjde United States 0:10:31 Experimental
Hydra (2019) Caroline Haydon United States 0:04:53 Screendance, Dance, Dance on Film, Butoh, Art Film
One (2019) Handuo Zhang Canada 0:12:00 Short, Student
The Messenger Hermes Remembers (2019) Algis Kemezys Canada 0:23:08 Mythology, Fantasy, Experimental, Short
Silent But Deadly (2019) Maninder Chana United States 0:04:12 Comedy, Horror, Action
This Island (2019) DC Lessoway Canada 0:34:46 Short Film
A Deadly Charter (2019) Hank Slaughter United States 0:32:08 Short Film


Sunday December 6, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Boundless (2020) Katy Jordan United Kingdom 2:29:39 Drama, Murder Mystery, Thriller
A Most Savage Beast (2019) Theo Hogben Norway 0:15:54 Horror, Romance, Drama
To be or death of Ophelia (2019) Ali Ozdes Akyuva Turkey 0:04:48 Fiction
The Audition (2019) Kit Loyd United Kingdom 0:11:27 Documentary, Experimental
Communism in Cuba Ep. 1 (2019) Philemon Viennas United States 0:21:14 Documentary, Experimental, Short, Web / New Media
Whirlpool (2018) Brian Stynes Ireland 0:17:17 Fiction
Crossing Over (2019) Simon R Pires United Kingdom 0:12:02 Fiction
Three In A Coffin (2019) Eric L Hansen United States 0:12:00 Family drama, Horror
“Happy Together” Music Video (2019 Vasco Mendes Ireland 0:03:23 Music Video
The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre (2019) Danny Ashkenasi United States 0:37:42 Horror. Musical
The UnExpected (2019) Rishi Kumar United States 0:12:09 Thriller, Drama, Supernatural
Do No Harm (2019) Gabriel Horn Israel 0:05:39 Fiction
2 Below 0 (2019) Tim Cash Canada 0:48:26 Period, Historical, Fiction, Romance, Dramedy
Astray Ark (2019) Akheel Omesh Ireland 0:09:10 Action, Drama
Stewsday (2019) Jason Kennealy & Ken Geraghty Ireland 0:09:41 Romance, Drama, comedy, dark comedy
Dead man wait (2018) Giorgio Molteni Italy 0:12:42 Drama,Fiction
From Out Of The Storm (2019) Maurice Smith (Mol Smith) United Kingdom 0:12:13 Art, drama, suspense
GLO (2019) Max Barker United States 0:00:45 Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama, Suspense
Happy Birthday or Felicidades (2019) Jared Jacobsen Mexico 0:21:10 Comedy, Drama, International
SAFE (2020) Sanelle Sibanda Zimbabwe 0:12:54 Fiction
Items of Interest (2019) Scott Hellon United States 1:12:59 Mystery, Crime, Experimental
Mirage (2006) Nacho Mañá Spain 0:04:37 Fiction, Student
Mirror (2019) Jorge Cabanés Spain 0:06:13 Fiction
Burning Red (2019) FABRIZIO ANCILLAI Italy 0:15:10 Fiction
Duo for John Cage (2019) Hiroyuki Oda Japan 0:06:15 Dance, Student
Trapped Ghost (2019) Hui-Ying Hsieh Taiwan 0:10:00 Experimental, 8mm
Off Track (2019) DON NG Hong Kong 0:11:09 Experimental
Poppy (2019) Gaurav Khati India 0:10:34 Drama, Dark comedy
Tlaloc Sacrificium (2019) Ivan Lo Conte United Kingdom 0:11:50 Fiction, Student
FILM ME (2019) Ed Picard France 0:03:14 Experimental
The Fragile Friend (2018) Salvatore Vitiello Italy 1:32:41 Fiction
Atoms Orbit (2020) Scott Hellon United States 1:59:45 Drama, Experimental



Second Week of Emissions (Scheduling)

Just worry if your name is not on the list and you want your creation to be included.

We are in the process of editing the other data and all the forms received are okay.


Rattle (2020) Joe Pettit
Farasha (2019) Dino Weisz
Game of Souls – Episode 11 (2018) Max Körner
Heading for the Edge (2019) RG Greiner
Just for the money (2019) Juan Francisco Galindez
K (2019) Pranav Krishna
This is not Becky (2020) Alec Liddle
About (2020) Phil Dunn
For my daughter (2019) Mohammad ferajzadeh
Colonization (2019) Jonathan Council
Pango Tales (2018) Adrián Guerrero
La Cacciatrice di Cascate (The Waterfall Huntress) (2019) Gennaro (Johnny) Carrano
Mathius Marvellous Shop (2019) Paola Álvarez and Manuel Escorihuela
Neo Guwahati (2020) Siddhant Das
Lamaze Classes (2020) John Plas
Prologue (2019) Adam Mańkowski
New Heaven (2019) Swati Chugh
Coal for living (2018) Motlalepule Mofokeng
Rododendron (2019) Levente Kovacs & Levente Torcsi
Nobody’s Darling (2019) Sophia Carr-Gomm
“Rock & Roll” (2019) Christopher Beech
Writing Kim (2020) Luvia Petersen and Alison Ward
Mom (2019) Austin Foxx
Shironam (2018) Indranil Ghosh
Blind Folders (2019) Suvahhan Angre
Gramophone (2011) Adriaan De la Rey
film d´auteur (2019) Tobias Vees
Ancora una Volta (2018) Franz Rotundo
Patron (2019) Emily Haigh (Director/Producer) and Alon Young (Co-Director)
Elegy (2020) Margaret Garrett
Escort (2020) Gyulyara Meliki
The Legend of a Cerestial Maiden- tears (2016) Sachiyo Kaneko
εὐδαιμονία (2018) Lee Gray
The Rise of Whore Betsy (2019) Simon King
Skint (2019) Joel Denis Punchard
Tristan & Kelly (2019) Sarah Ann Masse and Nick Afka Thomas
BEFORE ME (2019) Luca Nicolosi
Tales of a Falling Man (2019) Luca Nicolosi & Andrea Dragoni
Tacet (2020) Louis Turner
The Engraver (2020) L.A. Halstead
GOD (2019) Ankit
Arabian Nights (2019) Sanat Ganu
Man with Shadow (2019) ema kugler
Foam Heart (2018) Igor Gavva
Games Night (2020) James Campayne
The Body Will Follow (2019) Cradeaux Alexander
The Uninvited (2019) Alberto Diaz Acosta
All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (2019) Hendrik Harms
Momo (2019) Danny Cannizzaro
Dialogue: Hero (2019) Dima Fysher
Myth in Shadow Trailer (2020) Kieran Sebille
GONE (DISPARUE) (2019) Joan Bentosela
WET (HUMIDE) (2017) Joan Bentosela
Juke Joint Money (2017) Denise Labrie
Gatilhos (Triggers) (2020) Victor Hugo de Carvalho da Silva
Forest Drive (2020) Iuma Martinez
TOLERANCE (2019) Paul Laight
CUCU (Peek-A-Boo) (2019) Victor Marin
Autograph (2019) Mohammed Kamel
Souvenir from Giverny (2020) Burt Chojnowski
Darshan: Blessings of Saints (2019) Burt Chojnowski
Daegon’s Paradise (2019) Ricky Manson
Poppy (2019) Gaurav Khati
Lycanthropy (2019) Alexander Black
Spores (2018) Tommy Bardal
Mute Cry (2019) Semoy Enakele
Drop. (2019) Rory Wilson
Troy Von Balthazar – Lullaby for psycho (2019) Xavier Bleu
The Dark Dance (2020) Mauro John Capece
Lost in Time (2019) Jasper Graeve
Highland Home (2019) Dan Schaefer
Abdiel (2019) Sajeer Gafur
The room between her and her (2020) YUJIE CAO
Cuddlers (2018) Darren Kwan
POTSHOT (2017) Catherine Hogan
Sur’vi (2017) Stephen Wise
CHMOUT (2018) Rami Aidamouni
Stood Up (2019) Cjay Boisclair