Schedule 2020

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 p.m. (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Type: Duration Country
Stromboli (2020) Hanspeter Aliesch Feature 1:41:54 Switzerland
London Lockdown (2020) Valentina Signorelli Short Film 0:26:36 Italy
Innocent desires (2020) Ioana Dumitrache Short Film 0:28:03 United Kingdom
Mind Exchange Music Presents: Layne Marie Williams The Adventures of Ms Glitch Live Film Score (2020) Donny Walker Short Film 0:18:26 United States
Big Bad Wolf (2020) Donald Walker Short Film 0:04:03 United States
Strut-1980s (2020) Tim Cash Music Video 0:05:57 Canada
Life After Death (2020) Andrew Anderson Short Film 0:11:59 United Kingdom
Pure Love (2019) Andrew Anderson Music Video 0:04:52 United Kingdom
Break of Day (2019) Maria Forslin, Adrienne West Feature 1:17:32 Sweden
I’ve Been Thinking (2019) Zoe Beck Music Video 0:04:16
7/9 (2020) Alexey Tabakin Short Film 0:39:41 Alexey Tabakin
To Walk Amongst You (2020) Darren Brade Short Film 0:19:45 United Kingdom
The Artist Formerly Known as Lucifer (2020) Tom Carroll Armstrong, Jeffrey Frost Best Pilot Series 0:33:59 United Kingdom
The Interview from Hell (2020) Frank A DeChirico Short Film 0:07:20 United States
Scream (2020) Christina Adoniou Music Video 0:04:27 Greece
The Gliwensbourg Chronicles (2020) EMILIE TOMMASI Best Pilot Series 0:43:23 France
Gastropod (2020) Allison Bergman Short Film 0:18:01 USA
The Red Scroll (2019) Nelson Botter Jr Feature 1:32:50 Brazil
Out with the Old (2020) George Summers Short Film 0:07:25 United Kingdom
Munich 1936 (2014) Fränzi Heinrich Short Film 0:11:24 Germany
Insomnia (2020) Pavel Chukhov Short Film 0:00:45 Russian Federation
RADIO SILENCE (2019) Troy Scoughton, Sr. Feature 1:32:43 United States
Catonsville: Music City Maryland (2019) JD Barth Feature 2:29:38 United States
The End of All Things (2019) Andrew Gale Feature 1:38:03 United Kingdom


Wednesday December 2, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 p.m. (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Type: Duration Country
Convergence (2019) Steve Johnson Feature 1:37:41 United Kingdom
Mysteria and the Village Spell (2020) João Morais Inácio Feature 1:20:21 Portugal
Meet Her (2018) Raphaël Kirgo Feature 1:20:23 France
Night of the Massacre (2018) Charles Khuele Feature 0:49:00 South Africa
Lost In Berlin (2020) Rodney S. Martel Feature 1:43:04 United States
Under The same Sky – Cambodia (2019) Ian wiggins Feature 1:15:00 Cambodia
Tour of Togo (2020) Philippe Opigez Feature 1:00:58 Germany
Paradise Hotel (2019) Daniel Rehder Normand Feature 1:32:42 Peru


Thursday, December 3, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 p.m. (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Type: Duration Country
Instant Badass, Bangkok street fight (2020) Andy Funnell Feature 0:58:41 Thailand
Ballad of pipe and necklace (2019) Martin Babić Short Film 0:12:22 Croatia
No Sleeping (2017) Emmanuel Levy Short Film 0:05:51 Poland
Almost Charming (2019) Taylor Carnes Short Film 0:07:28 United States
In Search of the Dead (2019) Laura Rowton, Erik Rowton Feature 2:06:56 Romania, United Kingdom
Fate’s Shadow (2020) Michelle Arthur Short Film 0:10:45 United States
Sibling Rivalry (2019) Don Colacino Short Film 0:10:20 United States
My Momentum (2019) Jakob Harms Short Film 0:01:09 Germany
Introducing Librophileas (2019) Ivica Valentić Short Film 0:17:22 Croatia
Hurricane (2020) Nick Fitzhugh, Idil Ibrahim Short Film 0:25:41 United States
Raízes – A Piano in the Amazon (2018) Carla ruaro, João Santos Short Film 0:29 Brazil
BORROWING (2020) Joe Stramowski Short Film 0:19:56 United States
The Credits Movie (2019) Jeffrey Ashkin Short Film 0:05:37 United States
CRIMSON WASTELAND (2019) JASPER TURPIE Short Film 0:04:19 Australia
The World’s best Film (2020) Joshua Belinfante Feature 1:28:58 Australia
Payal Chawla, The Mind That Matters (2017) Ajay Chitnis Short Film 0:23:44 India
BODY PLACE IMAGE (2020) Gigisha Abashidze Short Film 0:32:11 United States
Praise the Maker (2020) Ashante P.T. Stokes Short Film 0:11:44 United States
UNCAGED (2020) Dylan Skinner, Harrison Bahrenburg Short Film 0:49:00 United States
Deny (2019) Alioune Binaté Short Film 0:45:54 United Kingdom
When The Water Rises (2019) Deniz Bagriacik Short Film 0:41:43 Turkey
A Bloody Mess (2019) Asis Sethi Short Film 0:10:37 Canada
A Queer City (2019) George Hellings Short Film 0:08:30 United Kingdom
Where is Fleuri Rose? (2012) Mark Warhol Short Film 0:23:00 United States


Friday, December 4, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Duration Country Gender:
A Dirty Weekend (2019) Mark Kenny, Dan Gregson 1:08:45 United Kingdom Comedy, British, Farce, Indie, Independent, Slapstick, Regional, Northern, Strong female
WAKE (2020) Katie Beard, Naomi Turner 0:08:04 United Kingdom Fiction
Fragile Beauty Alan Kaplan 0:18:36 United States Documentary
Late Again Ana (2019) Anastasia Kochetkova 0:25:46 United States Comedy, Drama
Sayeeda Khanum–The Pioneer Female Photographer of Bangladesh (2019) Ismat Jahan 0:38:16 Bangladesh Documentary
Legend Of Ancient Borneo (2019) Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou 0:08:43 Malaysia Animation, Tribal Fantasy Adventure
In Bright Axiom (2020) Spencer McCall 1:29:21 United States Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Social Interest
Wuthering Heights (2020) Bryan Ferriter 2:32:09 United States Fiction
The Minds of Men (2018) Aaron & Melissa Dykes 3:42:34 United States Documentary, Science
Story of Mika the Ant (2019) Sanja Savic 0:46:26 Serbia Animation


Saturday December 5, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Guilty Bunch of Flowers (2018) Wayne Kelly , Matt Holt United Kingdom 0:09:00 Fiction
A Century of Dreams (2019) Ven Jemersic Slovenia 1:27:21 Documentary
Vegetable skin. An interview (2019) Giovanni Soletta Italy 0:52:22 Documentary, Experimental
Skye Steele – Rise of Nefertiti (2020) Howard Perry United Kingdom 0:26:00 Drama, Period, Fantasy, thriller, Detective, Egyptology, 1930s, 1930, Mystery
Nectarín – song by Saturno TV (2019) Julio Hormaeche 0:06:42 Music Video
FOLLOW THE ARROW (2011) MARC SAEZ France 0:12:08 Romance, erotic, sci-fi, Thriller, art, drama, fantastic
Sex, Drugs & Bicycles (2019) Jonathan BLank United States 1:25:38 Documentary
Nice Shoes (2000) Jonathan Lawrence United States 0:04:02 Music Video
PrayEr (2017) Joeann Calabrese Japan 0:05:14 World music
Human Beings Are Amazing (2019) Clemens Grün Germany 0:05:51 Music Video, Student, Short
LITTLE LAMB (2019) Daniele Gangemi Italy 0:03:21 Music Video
Colombia (2019) Simon Straetker Germany 0:01:48 Short Film
Beyond Memory (2019) Miguel Babo Portugal 1:49:56 Fiction
Misfit M. (2019) Austin Ball, Sarah Hempinstall Canada 0:14:33 Experimental, Drama
RED ANT (2019) Satyabhusan bariha India 0:04:29 Experimental, Drama
Lost Love (2019) Filiz Rezvan United States 0:06:51 Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Dark
KISS ME MALIBU (2018) Mikel Arraiz Spain 0:04:20 Comedy, Love, Horror, Musical
Dont play with little hearts (2019) Jean-Gabriel Perromat France 0:02:51 Music Video
“Shine” 2019) Vasco Mendes Ireland 0:03:52 Music Video
Lucky day (2020) Skjmmjngtonrjde United States 0:10:31 Experimental
Hydra (2019) Caroline Haydon United States 0:04:53 Screendance, Dance, Dance on Film, Butoh, Art Film
One (2019) Handuo Zhang Canada 0:12:00 Short, Student
The Messenger Hermes Remembers (2019) Algis Kemezys Canada 0:23:08 Mythology, Fantasy, Experimental, Short
Silent But Deadly (2019) Maninder Chana United States 0:04:12 Comedy, Horror, Action
This Island (2019) DC Lessoway Canada 0:34:46 Short Film
A Deadly Charter (2019) Hank Slaughter United States 0:32:08 Short Film


Sunday December 6, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Boundless (2020) Katy Jordan United Kingdom 2:29:39 Drama, Murder Mystery, Thriller
A Most Savage Beast (2019) Theo Hogben Norway 0:15:54 Horror, Romance, Drama
To be or death of Ophelia (2019) Ali Ozdes Akyuva Turkey 0:04:48 Fiction
The Audition (2019) Kit Loyd United Kingdom 0:11:27 Documentary, Experimental
Communism in Cuba Ep. 1 (2019) Philemon Viennas United States 0:21:14 Documentary, Experimental, Short, Web / New Media
Whirlpool (2018) Brian Stynes Ireland 0:17:17 Fiction
Crossing Over (2019) Simon R Pires United Kingdom 0:12:02 Fiction
Three In A Coffin (2019) Eric L Hansen United States 0:12:00 Family drama, Horror
“Happy Together” Music Video (2019 Vasco Mendes Ireland 0:03:23 Music Video
The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre (2019) Danny Ashkenasi United States 0:37:42 Horror. Musical
The UnExpected (2019) Rishi Kumar United States 0:12:09 Thriller, Drama, Supernatural
Do No Harm (2019) Gabriel Horn Israel 0:05:39 Fiction
2 Below 0 (2019) Tim Cash Canada 0:48:26 Period, Historical, Fiction, Romance, Dramedy
Astray Ark (2019) Akheel Omesh Ireland 0:09:10 Action, Drama
Stewsday (2019) Jason Kennealy & Ken Geraghty Ireland 0:09:41 Romance, Drama, comedy, dark comedy
Dead man wait (2018) Giorgio Molteni Italy 0:12:42 Drama,Fiction
From Out Of The Storm (2019) Maurice Smith (Mol Smith) United Kingdom 0:12:13 Art, drama, suspense
GLO (2019) Max Barker United States 0:00:45 Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama, Suspense
Happy Birthday or Felicidades (2019) Jared Jacobsen Mexico 0:21:10 Comedy, Drama, International
SAFE (2020) Sanelle Sibanda Zimbabwe 0:12:54 Fiction
Items of Interest (2019) Scott Hellon United States 1:12:59 Mystery, Crime, Experimental
Mirage (2006) Nacho Mañá Spain 0:04:37 Fiction, Student
Mirror (2019) Jorge Cabanés Spain 0:06:13 Fiction
Burning Red (2019) FABRIZIO ANCILLAI Italy 0:15:10 Fiction
Duo for John Cage (2019) Hiroyuki Oda Japan 0:06:15 Dance, Student
Trapped Ghost (2019) Hui-Ying Hsieh Taiwan 0:10:00 Experimental, 8mm
Off Track (2019) DON NG Hong Kong 0:11:09 Experimental
Poppy (2019) Gaurav Khati India 0:10:34 Drama, Dark comedy
Tlaloc Sacrificium (2019) Ivan Lo Conte United Kingdom 0:11:50 Fiction, Student
FILM ME (2019) Ed Picard France 0:03:14 Experimental
The Fragile Friend (2018) Salvatore Vitiello Italy 1:32:41 Fiction
Atoms Orbit (2020) Scott Hellon United States 1:59:45 Drama, Experimental


Second Week of Emissions (Scheduling)


Wednesday, December 23, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Rattle (2020) Joe Pettit United Kingdom 0:14:08 Drama, Horror, Fiction
Farasha (2019) Dino Weisz Germany 0:27:20 Fiction
Game of Souls – Episode 11 (2018) Max Körner Germany 0:20:33 Web / New Media
Heading for the Edge (2019) RG Greiner United Kingdom 0:15:00 Drama
Just for the money (2019) Juan Francisco Galindez United Kingdom 0:27:51 Fiction
K (2019) Pranav Krishna India 0:08:57 Experimental, Short
This is not Becky (2020) Alec Liddle United Kingdom 0:08:54 United Kingdom
About (2020) Phil Dunn United Kingdom 0:06:17 Drama
For my daughter (2019) Mohammad ferajzadeh Iran, Islamic Republic of 0:01:40 Fiction
Colonization (2019) Jonathan Council United States 0:06:38 Animation, Experimental, Student, Short
Pango Tales (2018) Adrián Guerrero Colombia 0:04:12 Animation, Experimental, Student, Short
La Cacciatrice di Cascate (The Waterfall Huntress) (2019) Gennaro (Johnny) Carrano Italy 0:13:33 Fiction
Mathius Marvellous Shop (2019) Paola Álvarez and Manuel Escorihuela Germany 1:36:04 Sci-Fi, Comedy, Experimental
Neo Guwahati (2020) Siddhant Das India 0:09:43 Experimental, Short, Other
Lamaze Classes (2020) John Plas United Kingdom 0:06:58 Comedy
Prologue (2019) Adam Mańkowski Poland 0:03.21 Poetry, Art, Experimental
New Heaven (2019) Swati Chugh India 0:04:04 Fiction, Study
Coal for living (2018) Motlalepule Mofokeng South Africa 0:08:20 Fiction
Rododendron (2019) Levente Kovacs & Levente Torcsi Hungary 0:20:58 Fiction
Nobody’s Darling (2019) Sophia Carr-Gomm United Kingdom 0:15:00 Comedy, Drama
“Rock & Roll” (2019) Christopher Beech United Kingdom 0:28:56 Fiction
Writing Kim (2020) Luvia Petersen and Alison Ward Canada 1:18:08 Fiction
Mom (2019) Austin Foxx United States 0:29:49 Fiction, Student
Shironam (2018) Indranil Ghosh India 1:53:55 Fiction


Thursday, December 24, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Blind Folders (2019) Suvahhan Angre India 0:09:23 Fiction
Gramophone (2011) Adriaan De la Rey South Africa 0:14:00 Fiction
film d´auteur (2019) Tobias Vees Austria 0:14:14 Experimental, Short, Student
Ancora una Volta (2018) Franz Rotundo Italy 0:11:30 Fiction
Patron (2019) Emily Haigh (Director/Producer) and Alon Young (Co-Director) United Kingdom 0:11:30 Horror, Drama
Elegy (2020) Margaret Garrett United States 0:03:00 Experimental, Short, Web / New Media
Escort (2020) Gyulyara Meliki United Kingdom 0:16:39 Thriller, Horror, Drama
The Legend of a Cerestial Maiden- tears (2016) Sachiyo Kaneko Japan 0:05:30 Romance, Dance, Japanese calligraphy, Legend
εὐδαιμονία (2018) Lee Gray United Kingdom 0:36:49 Adventure, Travel, Documentary, Film Essay, Art Film, Student Film, Short, Human Rights
The Rise of Whore Betsy (2019) Simon King United States 0:16:00 Fiction
Skint (2019) Joel Denis Punchard United Kingdom 0:09:58 British Film, Social Realist, Kitchen Sink Drama
Tristan & Kelly (2019) Sarah Ann Masse and Nick Afka Thomas United States 0:15:00 romance, drama, romcom, dramedy, female
BEFORE ME (2019) Luca Nicolosi Italy 0:06:10 Drama, Grotesque
Tales of a Falling Man (2019) Luca Nicolosi & Andrea Dragoni Italy 0:16:45 Horror, Fantasy, Drama
Tacet (2020) Louis Turner United Kingdom 0:06:00 Fiction
The Engraver (2020) L.A. Halstead United Kingdom 0:19:45 Art, factual, Documentary
GOD (2019) Ankit India 0:29:25 Experimental, Short
Arabian Nights (2019) Sanat Ganu India 0:32:26 Drama, philosophy, humans
Man with Shadow (2019) Ema kugler Slovenia 1:40:00 Experimental, Feature
Foam Heart (2018) Igor Gavva France 0:15:00 Fiction
Games Night (2020) James Campayne United Kingdom 0:14:50 Fiction
The Body Will Follow (2019) Cradeaux Alexander United Kingdom 0:04:36 Fiction
The Uninvited (2019) Alberto Diaz Acosta Spain 0:06:54 Fiction
All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (2019) Hendrik Harms United Kingdom 0:42:17 Thriller, Neo-Noir
Momo (2019) Danny Cannizzaro Italy 0:28:00 psychological horror
Dialogue: Hero (2019) Dima Fysher Ukraine 0:11:19 Documentary, Experimental, Music Video, Short, Student
Myth in Shadow Trailer (2020) Kieran Sebille United Kingdom 0:02:10 Thriller, Mystery
GONE (DISPARUE) (2019) Joan Bentosela France 0:13:00 Fiction
WET (HUMIDE) (2017) Joan Bentosela France 0:15:00 Fiction
Juke Joint Money (2017) Denise Labrie United States 0:05:43 Music Video
Gatilhos (Triggers) (2020) Victor Hugo de Carvalho da Silva Brazil 0:18:00 Student, Web / New Media


Tuesday, December 29, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Forest Drive (2020) Iuma Martinez South Africa 0:19:53 Drama, Art, Surreal, Psychological thriller
TOLERANCE (2019) Paul Laight United Kingdom 0:13:45 Thriller, Suspense
CUCU (Peek-A-Boo) (2019) Victor Marin Spain 0:08:16 Horror, Fantasy, family
Autograph (2019) Mohammed Kamel United Kingdom 0:12:56 Fiction
Souvenir from Giverny (2020) Burt Chojnowski United States 0:04:08 Fiction
Darshan: Blessings of Saints (2019) Burt Chojnowski India 0:39:16 Documentary
Daegon’s Paradise (2019) Ricky Manson United Kingdom 1:16:00 Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Poppy (2019) Gaurav Khati India 0:10:34 Drama, Dark comedy
Lycanthropy (2019) Alexander Black United Kingdom 0:15:59 Student
Spores (2018) Tommy Bardal Norway 0:11:59 Student
Mute Cry (2019) Semoy Enakele Nigeria 0:04:58 Thriller
Drop. (2019) Rory Wilson United Kingdom 0:09:35 Fiction
Troy Von Balthazar – Lullaby for psycho (2019) Xavier Bleu France 0:03:40 Music Video
The Dark Dance (2020) Mauro John Capece Italy 1:45:00 Feature, Television
Lost in Time (2019) Jasper Graeve Germany 0:38:00 Short, Student, Other
Highland Home (2019) Dan Schaefer United States 0:04:59 Music Video, Celtic, Folk, Narrative
Abdiel (2019) Sajeer Gafur India 0:25:37 Fiction
The room between her and her (2020) YUJIE CAO China 0:05:31 screendance, video art, experimental
Cuddlers (2018) Darren Kwan United States 0:10:45 Drama, Romance
POTSHOT (2017) Catherine Hogan United States 0:03:22 Fiction
Sur’vi (2017) Stephen Wise United States 0:12:00 Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
CHMOUT (2018) Rami Aidamouni Lebanon 0:07:50 Fiction
Stood Up Cjay Boisclair Canada 0:04:40 Romance, comedy, drama, silent, first-time filmmaker, female lead
The Recession Ricardo Romeo Pierre Vila Ireland 0:10:10 Fiction
Polymers Nikas Kotich Russian Federation 0:22:00 Documentary, Experimental, Television
Incriminating Mary Srishti Chhabria United Kingdom 0:14:45 Short, Student
Club Boudica Tom Cherrie United Kingdom 0:10:43 Student
Survivor! 98 Second Stories Elizabeth Tobias United States 0:14:12 Women’s Rights, Sexual Assault, #MeToo, Human Rights, Spoken Word, Short Documentary, ArtFilm
YESno Mateusz Balcerek United States 0:26:57 Experimental, Short, Student


Wednesday, December 30, 2020 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Last Love Dmitri Frolov United States 0:06:48 Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Dark
Dreams and Nightmares John Alston United States 0:03:18 Animation, Experimental, Student, Short
HOME 23.20 Didier MULLERAS France 0:05:00 dance film, video danse, contemporary dance, video art, music video
Chantelle:Psychic P. D – Night Division Saul Marron United Kingdom 0:23:31 British, police, comedy, retro
The Blue Marble Ralph Toporoff United States 0:15:00 Web / New Media
The Barbershop Lisa-Marie Tonelli United Kingdom 0:18:03 Series
The Donbass Children Lubomir Dankov Bulgaria 1:00:00 Documentary, Television
Hated On With A Smile Torry Terry United States 1:16:48 Documentary
Life’s a Pitch Patrick Duncan United States 0:14:12 Fiction
Fascist Groove Thang – 2020 Mark Hensley United States 0:04:16 Music Video
Make Me Ford R Corl United States 0:06:18 Music Video
Largest rock paintings in Scandinavia Pekka Honkakoski Finland 0:18:19 Document, Prehistory
Time Neil Linpow United Kingdom 0:05:00 Drama, crime, thriller, family
Fadi Awad – We Are Here Super Promo Team Canada 0:03:48 Score, Classical, Instrumental
Strings of Hope Samuel Sotiega United Kingdom 0:07:55 Fiction
Hoy No Daniel Prypchan Australia 0:03:48 Music Video
The Flame You Keep Andres Useche United States 0:05:00 Drama, humanitarian
Mann vs. Fish Jon Osbeck United States 0:04:22 Comedy, Silent
Muzi Yiting Gao United States 0:14:17 Student
Eaglefriek Louis Martin United Kingdom 0:08:36 Drama
Be Hold Gilnaz Arzpeyma Canada 0:01:32 Animation
Plan B Karin Lee Canada 0:22:00 Web / New Media
First Date D.T. Bulock United States 0:08:34 Drama, Thriller
Incriminating Mary Srishti Chhabria United Kingdom 0:14:45 Student
The Ribbon Polla-Ilariya Kozino United States 0:04:25 Animation
ACS France Jonathan Galland United States 0:01:53 Original Music, Drone, Aerial Photography
m.a.d. Zachary Pareizs United States 0:09:59 Student
Alder Vanda Ladeira United Kingdom 0:09:17 Fantasy, Phsycological thriller, Experimental
Music in the lung xindan zhang China 0:25:00 Drama, horror, fantasy, Thriller, Experimental
Paradise Pablo Falá Argentina 1:40:00 Drama, Women, Mujer, Migration, Viajes, Sexuality, LGBT


Saturday, January 2, 2021 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Waltz Hannah Kim United States 0:01:42 Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Short, Student
Swordsman: Gabriel Moked Raphael Carmeli Israel 1:05:01 Documentary
Huo Zhe Kino Lee United Kingdom 0:03:06 Experimental, Music Video, Short
Mambochella Adeline Ferro United States 0:12:00 Documentary, Music history, International Culture
Leaving Baghdad Hanna Heffner Iraq 1:25:00 Fiction
SAKULA Melek Dikilimustafa Turkey 0:03:28 Animation
Guilty conscience Shaukat United Kingdom 0:04:28 Web Series
Never Knowing Nick Holmes United Kingdom 1:27:20 Mystery, Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Psychological
DIVE: The Robbery Jesse Koan Smith United Kingdom 0:06:37 Animation, Short, Student, Web / New Media
Elected Girl Allen Adams (entered as A Adams) United States 0:03:59 Music Video
Girl Boxer Lauren McCann United States 0:20:00 Web Series
RED ANT Satyabhusan bariha India 0:04:29 Short
First Date Julian Bivol First Date 0:08:34 Drama, Thriller
Maravairi – An anthem for the LGBTQ Renuka Arun India 0:05:00 Music Video
The Long Game Mustafa Abbas Dubai 0:29:01 Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Abla – Weak Harish Vipin Parekh India 0:07:35 Fiction
Velvet Antoni Caimari Caldés Spain 0:09:00 Fiction
Rude Sleeping Beauty Paul Baker United States 0:03:00 Family, children, fairytale
FOG Make Music AS Norway 0:02:55 Music Video
Mysteria and the Village Spell João Morais Inácio Portugal 1:20:21 Television
Wait a moment edris naseri Iran 0:20:00 Fiction
See you tomorrow Zuheir Kredieh United Kingdom 0:16:03 Fiction
Masala Steps Rohit Gupta India 0:22:03 Drama, inspirational
Forget Me Not Nicholas Goulden United Kingdom 0:21:28 drama, family, social, christmas, fantasy, faith
The room between her and her (2020) YUJIE CAO China 0:05:31 screendance, video art, experimental


Sunday, January 3, 2021 – Starts at 12:00 pm (London Time Zone) –

Title Director Country Duration Gender:
Under the weight of remorse LILIA MOEMA SANTANA Brazil 1:49:44 Fiction
The Corona Shelter Valerie Wolf Gang Germany 0:05:00 Documentary, experimental, short film, portrait, autobiography, performance
The Odd Perspective Yolanda Torres Spain 1:33:00 Fiction
Wuthering Heights (2020) Bryan Ferriter United States 2:32:09 Fiction
The Fatal Flaw Eric Weber United States 0:19:00 Fiction
The animal that therefore I am Bea de Visser Netherlands 0:10:37 Experimental
“The Finellis” A New SitCom Joris Hermans Germany 0:25:00 SitCom, Dramedy, Musical, Animation
Extradition Anthony Robert Grasso United States 0:12:47 Drama, Political, Women
Something Witchy Arielle Demilecamps Norway 0:06:34 comedy, slice of life, magic
To Walk Amongst You (2020) Darren Brade United Kingdom 0:19:45 Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
KUKLI SHYAMA SUNDAR MAJHI India 0:24:52 Fiction, Drama
Skye Steele – The Rise of Nefertiti Howard Perry United Kingdom 0:26:00 Drama, Period, Fantasy, thriller, Detective, Egyptology, 1930s, 1930, Mystery
The Fragile Friend (2018) Salvatore Vitiello Italy 1:32:41 Fiction
The Audition Kit Loyd United Kingdom 0:11:27 Documentary, Experimental
Atoms Orbit Scott Hellon United States 1:59:45 Drama, Experimental
Items of Interest Scott Hellon United States 1:12:59 Mystery, Crime, Experimental
WAKE (2020) Katie Beard, Naomi Turner United Kingdom 0:08:04 Fiction
The Little Ones Katie Lou McCabe United Kingdom 0:23:13 Animation, Experimental, Short