Other Semi-finalists 2019

Other categories 2019


Best Pilot Series 13


Ralph and the dinosaurs 2017 Marcel Barelli Switzerland
I am Lorenzo Lamas 2018 Dennis O’Neill United States
Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning 2018 Alain Bidard France
Unorganized Crime 2018 Nick Vallelonga United States
Black Coffee 2018 Jason Perez United States
Just a Kid From Seattle 2018 Jonathan “JJ” Augustavo United States
R o m a n c e 2018 Giorgi Tkemaladze Georgia
Malcolm & The Magpies 2018 Philip L Moore United Kingdom
Back in Bangkok 2018 Byron Bishop Thailand
Deep Dive 2018 Gayatri Ankam United States
Wander: Iceland 2018 Michael James Murray United States
GIVE + TAKE 2018 Armand Hamouth Canada
Charlie Bee Company 2018 Ashley Davison United States


Best Web Series 19


Father and Father 2018 Michael Baumgarten, Art Camacho United States
CHILDREN 2018 Stewart Giles United Kingdom
I am Lorenzo Lamas 2018 Dennis O’Neill United States
Deaffest 2017 Promo 2018 Bim Ajidi United Kingdom
The So-So You Don’t Know “Lisa” 2018 Marlene Rhein United States
Team Mars 2018 Steve O’Reilly, Andy Ferguson, Damien Drake United States
Anonymous Boyfriends 2017 Maximiliano Ricciardi Argentina
AREA 420 Episode One 2018 henry goren United States
Two Housemates 2018 Sean Joseph Young, Ryan Watson United Kingdom
Rebecca Gold 2018 Ian Diaz United Kingdom
Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Season Two) 2017 Sally McLean Australia
The Wind on your Skin 2018 Jana von Hase, Naomi Beukes, Birgit Stauber Namibia
Passion for hair and color 2018 Piero Calicchio Switzerland
The Debt – Web Series 2018 Taryn Elyse United States
MERCS Moonsamy 2019 Michael Morris United Kingdom
Forward Slash/Jobs 2019 Murphy Rhodes, Jazz Jago United Kingdom
NAILED 2019 Will Herbert United Kingdom
Borderless 2018 Mohamed Noaman Egypt


Music Videos from the United Kingdom and USA 8


PLS&TY – Motives 2019 Sean Cartwright USA
In Cold Blood 2018 Yonatan Elkayam USA
Uncrossed 2017 Jonah King USA
Son Of The Morning 2018 Caspar Leopard United Kingdom
Charlie Winston – The Weekend 2018 Ian Roderick Gray United Kingdom
Jawjaw – Survive This 2018 Ian Roderick Gray United Kingdom
Heartache 2018 Katherine Evans United Kingdom
‘Go Steady!’ 2018 Paul Coppack of Shooters Media Ltd, Steve James Garry United Kingdom


Music Videos International 10


Life in a Diffused Light 2018 Ruslan Fradkin Latvia
The Goddess of Jiu-Tian 2018 7ucky Xie, Fang-Chun Wang Taiwan
Social Butterfly 2018 Australia
Shut Up, I´m on a Roll! 2017 Oscar Martin Spain
Lay Low – Dominic Breen 2018 andrew Seaton Australia
The Tribe 2017 Georgy Toidze Russian Federation
Kartenhaus 2019 Ronny Strehmann Germany
Butterflies 2019 Lika Lipskaya Russian Federation
WANNA BE YOUNK: 7EVER feat SID WILSON (Slipknot) 2018 Henry Lipatov United States
Barrel of a Gun 2018 Tanne Willow United States


Best Music (Only Music) 10


Amen Amen 2018 Tanesha Allmon United States
Summum. Reflection (Album COSMOSPIR) 2008 India Czajkowska Poland
M W daniels-bedroom scene (from the film ‘being without’) 2018 Martin Daniels United Kingdom
Social Butterfly – Song 2018 Anthony Barbarich Australia
Hold On To You 2018 Andrea Facheris Not Specified
Satyagraha 2018 Mauro Crivelli Italy
Feel this HeartBeat 2018 Tang Man United States
She Is – Music 2018 JAMIE SCOLES United States
Sounds of Sevan – Music 2018 Music of Armenia Armenia
Tomorrow’s Not Here 2019 Allen Johnson United States