Semi-finalist Short Films 2019

Semi-finalist Short Films 2019

Short Films


Best Narrative / Fiction UK Short Film 53


Night Walk 2018 Alexander Nicolaou United Kingdom
Dessert 2018 Martim David Gomes United Kingdom
The Girl Of The Bridge 2019 Amor Aditya United Kingdom
Beautified 2018 Emily Haigh United Kingdom
Alison 2018 Eliad Lienhardt United Kingdom
Ilford Lane 2018 Niki Simone United Kingdom
The Dam 2018 Frode Gjerlow United Kingdom
For Want of a Nail 2018 Lucy Joan Barnes United Kingdom
The Dog Walker 2017 Peter Mckeirnon United Kingdom
The Code 2018 Patrick Ryder United Kingdom
Heaven’s Rage 2017 Mark Crane United Kingdom
Situation 2016 Adam Baird United Kingdom
Standby 2018 Ethan Evans, Sean Toshach United Kingdom
Entrance No Exit 2018 Jo Southwell United Kingdom
Like Glass 2018 Adam Spinks United Kingdom
A Cure for Violence 2018 James O’Halloran United Kingdom
ELI 2018 Colin Gerrard United Kingdom
The Idiot 2010 Arturo M. Merelo, Simon Shaw United Kingdom
Sublime 2018 Enrique Saunders, Genevieve Sanders United Kingdom
Under The Jericho Sun 2018 Marc Pearce United Kingdom
Oath Bound 2018 Ola Laniyan United Kingdom
Web 2018 Dan Daniel United Kingdom
T.I.M: Trapped In Me – Short / Teaser [4K] [UHD] 2018 Director Peter Heppelthwaite – Co Director Philip L Moore United Kingdom
STAG DO 2017 velton j lishke United Kingdom
Mountain 2018 Johnny Herbin United Kingdom
It Follows 2017 Eresha Sale United Kingdom
A Quiet Room in Walthamstow 2017 Tiago Teixeira United Kingdom
Chopsticks!! 2018 Aeddan Sussex United Kingdom
Belfast Calibre 9 2018 Thomas Pollock United Kingdom
Apostate 2018 Tom Patient United Kingdom
The Negotiator 2018 Jehan Bokhari United Kingdom
Scene from the Men’s Toilets at a Ceilidh 2018 Louis Norris United Kingdom
No Man’s Land 2019 Daniel L Martin United Kingdom
His Hands 2018 Arron Blake, Darius Shu United Kingdom
Grounding 2018 R.M. Moses United Kingdom
The Date 2018 Emmalie El Fadli United Kingdom
Dearly Departed 2018 Elise Martin United Kingdom
Misty 2019 Seb Body United Kingdom
Reality 101 2018 Nathan Rawlings United Kingdom
Supper for Civilised Girls 2019 Ella Robertson United Kingdom
Pianist in a Brothel 2018 Ciaran Crudden United Kingdom
BITTER SEA (dir. F. Ahmadi) 2017 Fateme Ahmadi United Kingdom
Men Don’t Cry 2019 Matt Hackney United Kingdom
Penumbra 2019 Oscar Knott United Kingdom
Little 2019 Kris Williams United Kingdom
Huntington Gardens 2018 Paul Wade, Simon Wade United Kingdom
I LOVE TENNIS 2018 Sam W. Buffery United Kingdom
Overkill 2019 Ross Donald United Kingdom
FAULT 2018 Frank Berry United Kingdom
Bedtime 2019 John Fuller United Kingdom
They Never Lie 2019 Rafael P. Basáñez United Kingdom
Unliving 2019 Terry Silvester United Kingdom
I. 2019 Larissa Saldarini United Kingdom


Best Documentary UK Short Film 13


Against All Odds 2018 James Evans, Elliott Humbles United Kingdom
Regular (Normal) 2018 Yuxuan Ju United Kingdom
Oregu 2018 Marina Ivaniceva United Kingdom
Rose 2018 Edwin Miles United Kingdom
Hell’s Valley 2014 William Allum United Kingdom
Big Data 2018 Adam Pietrzyk United Kingdom
125/hr 2018 Andrew Owens United Kingdom
Winter Hill 2018 Lee Gray United Kingdom
Spotter-Spotters 2018 Ben Plumb United Kingdom
See Our Voices | Sign Language Matters 2019 Daniel Haywood United Kingdom
Gwyr: Reflections 2019 Georgios Dimitropoulos United Kingdom


Best Animation UK Short Film 9


SnaBIRtle circus 2018 Shuk Yee Tsang United Kingdom
METEORLIGHT 2018 Jonny Eveson United Kingdom
The Masque of Blackness 2018 Epoh Beech United Kingdom
Fishboy 2018 Anita Bruvere United Kingdom
Togetherness 2018 Shaun Clark, Kim Noce United Kingdom
Pieceful Bodies 2018 Phoebe Morrison United Kingdom
Down The Pub 2019 Ciara Kerr United Kingdom
When The Silence Comes 2018 Liang-Hsin Huang United Kingdom


Best Experimental UK Short Film 14


Bust of the young man 2018 Slawomir Milewski United Kingdom
smart dress is absolutely essential 2015 Slawomir Milewski United Kingdom
Conventions in western art favor portraits that position theface slightly offcenter to avoid disturbing symmetrical compositions 2016 United Kingdom
Seclusion 2018 George Turner, Lee Reynolds United Kingdom
Tunnel 2018 James Coe United Kingdom
Amelia Rose 2018 Philip Anthony Gable United Kingdom
The House That Henry Built 2018 Peter Mckeirnon United Kingdom
Special Delivery 2018 John Galliano United Kingdom
Becoming Me 2018 Stefano Pasotti United Kingdom
CHILDREN 2018 Stewart Giles United Kingdom
“At Dawn the Flowers Open the Gates of Paradise” 2017 Elzbieta Piekacz United Kingdom
Tango Shoes 2015 Elzbieta Piekacz United Kingdom
Embrace 2015 Elzbieta Piekacz United Kingdom
The entropy of all things 2019 tony hickson United Kingdom


Best Narrative / Fiction International Short Film 40


Death of the Father 2018 Vasileios Douskos Greece
Mírame 2019 Juan Andres Mateos Spain
This happened to you ..? / Esto le pasó a Usted..? 2018 Ana Maria Estrada Peru / USA
Actually 2018 Mart Sander Estonia
#Actor 2018 John Lindquist Sweden
Sobre mi sombra 2017 Alejandro Fetecua Bernal Colombia
La Sellada 2017 Hernan Bentancor Uruguay
El jardín de las flores desaparecidas 2016 Vicente Canales Aedo Chile
El Cuarto Cuerpo 2017 Agustina Grillo & Manuela Gamboa Argentina
MEMORÁNDUM 2016 Jennifer Lara Chile


SIKLUS 2018 Louis Minnaar South Africa
DIE FREUNDIN (The homegirl) 2016 Iván Sáinz-Pardo Germany
Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo 2018 Akira Kamiki Brazil
The Noise of the Light 2018 Valentin Petit France
Intrinsic Moral Evil 2013 Harm Weistra Netherlands
Adam Can’t Breathe 2018 Dániel Füzes Hungary
The Dam 2018 Frode Gjerlow Not Specified
Aux battements du parloir (Jail quarters) 2016 Pascal Marc France
Blessed Days 2017 France
Exist 2018 payam Iran, Islamic Republic of
Waldwölfe (Forest Wolves) 2018 Peter W. Allen Australia
Wasteland 2017 Latifa Said France
ÇEMBER 2018 Subutay KIRKPINAR Turkey
My Liberation 2018 Tom Pluijmaekers Netherlands
A Leaf 2018 Bishara Shoukry Egypt
Mother’s Day 2018 Greg Powell Australia
Next time! 2018 Thomas Deshays France
The Crossing 2018 Jaak Erasmus South Africa
Before Night Comes – Antigone Speech 2017 JOAQUIM PAVÃO Portugal
A Loft in Paradise 2017 Alexandre Lança France
Conversation With A Cigarette 2014 Russell Brown Not Specified
Danny and May 2018 Andrew Moodie Canada
CNMI – WOOLMARK 2018 Matteo Grimaldi Italy
Be Ready 2018 Giacomo Boeri e Matteo Grimaldi Italy
Rasam 2019 Arif Afzal United Arab Emirates
Hush-a-Bye 2018 Taromi Lourdes Joseph Trinidad and Tobago
At Sea 2018 Anne Madeleine Mancosu Switzerland
2 by 2 2017 Mark Playne Turkey
Session no. 78 2018 Bridget O’Driscoll France
Continental Breakfast 2018 Alec Liddle Ireland


Best Documentary International Short Film 22


The Barre 2018 hyuk-rho LEE South Korea
With Love From Holmfirth 2018 Will Wintercross United Kingdom
Vignette 2018 Gabriella Grinwald-Alves USA
Silent Death on a Silent Journey 2017 Mouhssine Ennaimi France
Syria’s Slaughterhouses 2018 Mouhssine Ennaimi France
Let me dance 2018 Camilla Skagerstrom Sweden
Welcome to Malabon 2018 Ted McDonnell Australia
Hearts of Blue 2018 Shane Williamson USA
Panama Mundial 2018 Dan Faber United Kingdom
Plague Dogs 2018 August Anderson United States
Fighting Two Wars: The Story of Thalia Jane Ainsley 2018 Aaron Curtis United States
Closure 2017 Mariana França de Lima, Gildo Antonio Brazil
New Faustian World 2018 Piero Passaro Italy
A Gift of Wings: The Pilots of Sebring 2018 Ted Snow United States
Say yes to happiness ! 2018 Elvis Bilalic Croatia
The suicide game 2018 Lojika Sri Lanka
The Four Loves 2018 Stefan Meylaers Belgium
The Saviour Of The World Memory 2016 Andi Burhamzah Indonesia
Turban Fever 2017 Monisha Dey United States
We Have a Dream: Women’s Hopes & Conflicts 2018 Zlila Helman Israel
“Fuera de foco” 2013 Adrián Arce México


Best Animation International Short Film 21


Olympics 2018 Alice Aires Portugal
Anacronte 2018 Raúl Koler Argentina
Chiaroscuro 2018 David Perry USA
Home Grown 2017 William Reynish Denmark
Is This Real? 2018 Stefano Cassini Kenya
Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle & the Millionaires’ Conspiracy 2017 Akihiro Hino Japan
From so far I couldn´t make my self understood. 2018 Julian Thomas Sierra Colombia
My Heart Flies 2018 Faith Butterfield, Matt Jackson United States
A strange trial 2018 Marcel Barelli Switzerland
The Elevator 2018 United States
OCD 2018 Xiaotian Mi, Baolin Zhong, Zinan Zhao China
Chasing the Sun 2018 Haochen Du China
Hersenspinsels (Figment) 2018 Christina Kingma Netherlands
Big Booom 2016 Marat Narimanov Russian Federation
Deep Dive 2018 Gayatri Ankam United States
The Masterpiece 2014 Christopher Satola United Kingdom
Novalis 2018 Chris Powell Not Specified


Best Experimental International Short Film 22


14 2018 Hiroshi Kizu Japan
Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay 2018 Slawomir Milewski Poland
Franca 2017 Antonella Barbera, Patrizia Fazzi Italy
Nap Time 2018 Federico Gáspari Argentina
MONDO LXXV 2017 Rei Souza Brazil
All The Same 2017 Chan Hon Wa Hong Kong
Tape 2018 Vishnu Ravi Raj India
Light as a Feather 2018 Aimee Norwich United States
The Wolf 2018 Canada
Wanting 2018 Robin Gee United States
Last Love 2017 Dmitri Frolov Russian Federation
Puntos Suspensivos 2019 Dani Ginebroza Spain


Best United States Fiction Short Film 24


Facing the Horizon 2018 Elena Santulli United States
Life of FEET 2018 Siyao Cheng United States
I’m Good 2018 Julia Nejman United States
Definetly Soy 2018 Ruben Zaccaroni United States
EVELYN & ELMER 2018 Nadia Jordan United States
L’incidente Intimo (The Intimate Incident) 2018 Maria DeCotis, Natasha Giliberti United States
Naked 2019 Sean Guerrero United States
Before the Dawn 2018 Marina Shron United States
Herringbone 2018 Gene Du Plessis United States
A Good Son 2019 Suzanne Weinert United States
Intrusive Thoughts 2018 Daniel Ruczko United States
Change 2018 Joe Jennings Jr. United States
Chapter XIV: The Duel 2012 Taras Bambaev United States
Everyday Boon 2018 JJ House United States
Fated to Repeat 2017 Logan J. Freeman United States
The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market 2018 Russell Brown United States
Apple of My Eye 2018 Xiaoli Liu United States
Bloodhound Disciple 2018 Manuel Del Valle United States
The Audition 2018 Dani Bowman United States
Suffocate 2018 Cristina Gonzalez United States
Commotion 2018 Bryan Wynn Sutton United States
Nine Mile Creek 2017 Ian Bagley United States
That Smell 2017 Kyle Lavore United States
The Family Robinson 2017 Kyle Lavore United States


Best Asian Fiction Short Film 14


A Missing Piece 2019 Grace Chang China/USA
A Story 2018 Jane Tse China/USA
Pinky Promise 2018 Christiana Chang China
bitter light 2018 KAZUHITO YOKOMIZO Japan
Mess Tin 2018 Lawrence Ong Singapore
Burning 2018 V S Sanoj India
Sare Jahan Se Accha 2018 Gurprasad Singh India
Adult’s Agony 2017 Johanna Johan Malaysia
HINOIRINOKAZE -Wind of sunset- 2018 Hideki Oshima Japan
The Great United Nations 2018 Soyoung Yang South Korea
Loop of Loneliness 2018 Yuyuan Wang China
Sangharsh 2018 Satyarth Singh India
GANDHI V/S JUSTICE In-Justice We Believe ( 20 minutes) 2018 Pratik Khandhadiya India
GRAY 2018 Preet India