Finalists 2019


Finalists 2019 – L.I.M.P.A

Main categories

Note: Mentions of the additional categories will be announced at the awards ceremony.


Best International Film Theatrical Release Feature Film



The House Invictus 2018 Uche Aguh United States
Don’t Call Me a Spinster 2018 Ani Alva Helfer Peru


Best International Narrative / Fiction Feature Film



Tree House 2019 Florin Brinza Romania
Bikini Blue 2017 Jarek Marszewski Poland
Second Samuel 2018 J. Wayne Patterson, Jr USA
Daitona 2018 Lorenzo Giovenga Italia
MADHA 2018 Srividya Basawa India
The Witches of Dumpling Farm 2018 The Pickering Brothers United Kingdom


Best UK Narrative / Fiction Feature Film


SUSAN 2018 Mahmoud Shoolizadeh United Kingdom
Muse 2019 Richard John Taylor United Kingdom
Beautiful in the Morning 2019 Flavia Casà United Kingdom


Best International Documentary Feature Film


Women: a success story 2018 Ceri Dingle United Kingdom
Touch of an Angel 2015 Marek Tomasz Pawlowski Poland
CHECKER TOBI AND OUR PLANET’S SECRET (dir. Tischner) 2019 Martin Tischner Germany
Women of 1915 2016 Bared Maronian United States
On the Go with Dmitri Kourliandski 2016 Katya Kesten Russia


Best International Animation Feature Film

The Laws of the Universe-Part I 2018 Isamu Imakake USA/JAPAN
The Jungle is our Home 2018 laxmi dhaul India


Best International Experimental Feature Film


DEATH & LIFE 2017 Eric Norcross United States
Stories of Passers Through 2018 Koutaiba Al-Janabi Iraq



Short Films 2019


Best International Fiction Short Film



SIKLUS 2018 Louis Minnaar South Africa
Blessed Days 2017 Valentina Casadei France
A Leaf 2018 Bishara Shoukry Egypt
The Crossing 2018 Jaak Erasmus South Africa
2 by 2 2017 Mark Playne Turkey
Mírame 2019 Juan Andres Mateos Spain
Sare Jahan Se Accha 2018 Gurprasad Singh India
Borderless 2018 Mohamed Noaman Egypt


Best Documentary International Short Film


Fighting Two Wars: The Story of Thalia Jane Ainsley 2018 Aaron Curtis United States
New Faustian World 2018 Piero Passaro Italy
The suicide game 2018 Lojika Sri Lanka


Best International Experimental Short Film


Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay 2018 Slawomir Milewski Poland
Franca 2017 Antonella Barbera, Patrizia Fazzi Italy
All The Same 2017 Chan Hon Wa Hong Kong
Light as a Feather 2018 Aimee Norwich United States
Betrayed 2018 Mykhailo Andriiers United States


Best International Animation Short Film


Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle & the Millionaires’ Conspiracy 2017 Akihiro Hino Japan
The Elevator 2018 Hannah Keiffert United States
OCD 2018 Xiaotian Mi, Baolin Zhong, Zinan Zhao China
Chasing the Sun 2018 Haochen Du China

Best United Kingdom Fiction Short Film



Beautified 2018 Emily Haigh United Kingdom
Standby 2018 Ethan Evans, Sean Toshach United Kingdom
Entrance No Exit 2018 Jo Southwell United Kingdom
It Follows 2017 Eresha Sale United Kingdom
Dearly Departed 2018 Elise Martin United Kingdom
Misty 2019 Seb Body United Kingdom
Reality 101 2018 Nathan Rawlings United Kingdom
Supper for Civilised Girls 2019 Ella Robertson United Kingdom
Penumbra 2019 Oscar Knott United Kingdom
A sense of chaos 2018 Julian Were United Kingdom


Best United Kingdom Documentary Short Film


Against All Odds 2018 James Evans, Elliott Humbles United Kingdom
Oregu 2018 Marina Ivaniceva United Kingdom
Hell’s Valley 2014 William Allum United Kingdom
125/hr 2018 Andrew Owens United Kingdom


Best United Kingdom Experimental Short Film


Tunnel 2018 James Coe United Kingdom
The House That Henry Built 2018 Peter Mckeirnon United Kingdom
Becoming Me 2018 Stefano Pasotti United Kingdom
CHILDREN 2018 Stewart Giles United Kingdom
“At Dawn the Flowers Open the Gates of Paradise” 2017 Elzbieta Piekacz United Kingdom
Embrace 2015 Elzbieta Piekacz United Kingdom


Best United Kingdom Animation Short Film


The Masque of Blackness 2018 Epoh Beech United Kingdom
METEORLIGHT 2018 Jonny Eveson United Kingdom
The Masterpiece 2014 Christopher Satola United Kingdom


Series 2019


Best Pilot Series


Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning 2018 Alain Bidard France
Unorganized Crime 2018 Nick Vallelonga United States


Best Web Series


Rebecca Gold 2018 Ian Diaz United Kingdom
Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Season Two) 2017 Sally McLean Australia
The Wind on your Skin 2018 Jana von Hase, Naomi Beukes, Birgit Stauber Namibia



Music Videos & Music 2019


Best International Music Video


Life in a Diffused Light 2018 Ruslan Fradkin Latvia
Social Butterfly 2018 Anthony Barbarich Australia
Butterflies 2019 Lika Lipskaya Russian Federation


Best United Kingdom Music Video


Son Of The Morning 2018 Caspar Leopard United Kingdom
Jawjaw – Survive This 2018 Ian Roderick Gray United Kingdom
Heartache 2018 Katherine Evans United Kingdom


Best United States Music Video


In Cold Blood 2018 Yonatan Elkayam USA
Uncrossed 2017 Jonah King USA
PLS&TY – Motives 2019 Sean Cartwright USA


Best Music (Only Music)


Sounds of Sevan 2018 Music of Armenia Armenia
Amen Amen 2018 Tanesha Allmon United States
M W daniels-bedroom scene (from the film ‘being without’) 2018 Martin Daniels United Kingdom